Getting Your Wedding Film Right: Look For Expertise!


Wedding videography is more than just about capturing everything on video. In fact, just like wedding photography, this is a craft that requires experience. Many couples prefer to have a hands-on approach in planning, but if nothing else, you should definitely do your homework while selecting a wedding film company. In this post, we have a quick list of pointers that matter – most important of all – expertise.

Look at portfolio

A company that claims to specialize in wedding videography should have a good reel to show. For instance, if you check for wedding videos by Reverent Wedding Film, you will realize that the company has covered different kinds of weddings and events. The idea is to understand what a particular service brings to the table. They may have a signature style, but should be able to capture your wedding like you want. The work profile is one of the most basic things that clients should check.

Reviews matter

What other clients are saying about a wedding videography service also matters. You can always ask the company directly for references, or else, just look for independent reviews online. The good part is many wedding film companies have their own websites these days, so you can find most details, including some of their recent videos online.

Think beyond price

You probably want to save and work within a budget, but pricing shouldn’t be your first priority while sorting options. Just because a company is asking for the biggest price tag doesn’t mean they are the best in business, and similarly, the cheapest quote is never worth it. Do your homework, discuss what you expect from the wedding film, if you have themes, cinematic ideas in mind, make sure that the company and their core team know of that.

Creating magic on your big day

You are hiring a wedding film company because you want to have that assurance of great work. Many clients end up instructing videographers on what they should be doing on the big day, which isn’t the nicest practice. Don’t try to micro-manage things and ensure that you allow the creative team to do their job. Eventually, if the company knows the craft, you don’t have much to worry about, and the final outcome will be worth the money paid.

Sort and shortlist wedding film companies now, and don’t shy away from asking the tough and important questions, before signing the contract.

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