Pre-Wedding Photos for Better Wedding Photos


Everyone knows the drill, you hire a photographer for the day, and they will cover whatever part of the wedding you like, and they will do their best to get those magazine quality photos that you see in wedding publications. Unfortunately, perfect photos and the rush of a wedding are not often compatible. Wedding photographers know their stuff, and they will do everything in their power to get you the best photos they can. It is in their interest to make you happy. But the truth is that you are not going to be the best model that day, and things are going to be rushed no matter how well you plan it. If you want the best possible photos, you should book an earlier session.

  • Book a Studio: Doing an early shoot means you have to do a few things different. You need to have all the wedding clothes ready before the wedding, and you must allow the groom to see the bride before the wedding. But if you are willing, having a whole studio session to get that perfect photo, with no guests bothering you and taking pictures. You will be relaxed, you will have help with your makeup, and your groom will not have to be self-conscious with the boys hanging around making jokes. Many Central Coast wedding photographers would agree that this is an optimal choice. The best part is, you will have that magazine quality portrait at your reception for everyone to see and get super jealous over too.
  • Location Shoot: If you like, you can book an early location shoot instead, or to compliment the studio session. Those amazing wedding photos in photogenic locations are very hard to do on a wedding day, and maybe you aren’t getting married in an exotic location. The benefits are the same the photographer focuses only on the couple, and there is lots of time to get it right.
  • Better Wedding Coverage: Once you have the perfect formal photos, your wedding photographer is free to spend the day doing the best documentary of your special day. They will have much more time to get great candids of the guests, and to capture all the details, instead of trying make to formal images in uncontrolled light and with the distraction of guests and schedules.

Make an appointment with a professional photographer and ask them what they think about the idea and see if you can’t put a plan together to create some amazing photos of your big day.

Taking good family photos isn’t always simple. A lot of things are at play, and you may need to use Makenzie Wedding Photography to get the job done well.

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