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Invariably, people with fairer skin wish to get their skin look better, charming and more attractive opt for tanning at homes, in salons or on beaches on tanning beds.

Although tanning is a natural process when you expose yourself to sunlight, often people use tanning sprays to give a new shade, look and glow to their skin.

Role of Melanin and UV rays

Human body has certain cells in the skin that produce a substance known as Melanin. The amount of Melanin produced decides the color of skin. Melanin is secreted when you are exposed to sun light and acts as a sunscreen to guard skin against the UV rays present in the sun light.

Sun rays have in them three types of UV Rays known as UVA, UVB AND UVC rays. Among these, we do not receive UVC as these are absorbed in the atmosphere by ozone layer.  Whereas, UVA and UVB rays reach the earth and may cause various health related problems like skin and eye troubles etc.

Although both types of UV rays i.e. UVA and UVB rays stimulate the release of melanin that protects the skin from ill effects of UV rays yet out of these two UV rays, UVA rays can prove more harmful than UVB rays as they penetrate deeper into the middle layer of skin called Dermis due to longer wavelength.

It is therefore important to apply sunscreen to prevent skin from the effects of UV rays while tanning your skin in a natural way which being a slow procedure consumes lot of time in tanning.

Often people wishing to change the shade of their skin to add grace to their body and appearance especially on important occasions like weddings, engagement and lavish parties besides various other family celebrations and events.

For presenting themselves in a new look, people use spray tans which are available in variety of shades and can be accessed easily. The spray tans are misted on skin surface with the help of special machines in salons by professionally trained and experienced technicians in Dallas.

Types of spray tans and methods

The convenient spray tanning can be done in desired shade with the help of sprays that are available as pump or aerosol bottles for home use sprays which can be most economical options. These can be reapplied as and when needed. It is quite an easy and effective indoor tanning procedure.

However, with advancement in tanning techniques, many prominent spray tanning methods are now available, such as:

  • Airbrush spray tanning
  • Booth spray tanning
  • HVLP spray tanning
  • LVLP spray tanning

You would be required to choose the right type of spray tanning method to give the desired look and skin shade through most suitable and convenient methods.

The result obtained will certainly be encouraging and boost your confidence besides hiding blemished part of skin, if any is there.

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