What To Consider When Planning A Wedding


Performing a beautiful and unforgettable wedding in a heavenly place is the dream of many newlyweds. Here, organization and planning are fundamental for everything to occur in absolute harmony.

  • Design And Send Invitations

Let creativity speak louder and bet on exclusive models that transmit tremendous energy. Remember that this item must be correlated to the visual identity of the occasion.

But not only that. It is also necessary to pay attention to the date of sending invitations. Keep in mind that the sooner the item reaches the guests’ hands, the better. Your wedding may involve a trip for some people. That way, they will have a longer time to program.

  • Think About The Decor

Without a doubt, you want the environment to be impeccable and draw sighs from everyone present. So, it is essential to think carefully about the decoration, which will make the moment even more magical especially when decorating a wedding tents.

To begin with, know that, in this style of marriage, less is more: nature takes care of providing an environment worthy of a movie set. Just having the immensity of the sea as a backdrop is quite a privilege.

The most recommended is to bet on a cleaner decoration, giving preference to light colors and delicate items, which convey a feeling of peace and lightness. Torches and flowers are a good choice, for example. There is no rule here – even because the decoration has to dialogue directly with the couple’s personality. But be careful with excesses, as this can present an image of disorganization.

  • Check The Infrastructure

For everything to go smoothly, it is essential to pay double attention to the environment’s infrastructure. Opt for a beach that has a prominent location. That is: that it is close to the city and has easy access.

In addition, check if the city can accommodate the number of guests and if the region is well developed, having the capacity to meet the diverse needs of those who will arrive for your event.

  • Decide What To Wear

Even though many couples opt for formality, it is necessary to consider the comfort of clothes and shoes, especially for men. Being the wedding during the day, the suit is very uncomfortable in the warmer seasons. For women, the long dress is always welcome, both informal and casual events.

Take some time also to think about makeup. It is essential to opt for products that contain sunscreen. If the weather is hot, you will need a primer to prevent greasiness on the skin. For the same reason, perhaps makeup options with a matte finish are the best options.

  • Set The Buffet

Be careful with the type of meal that will be served at the party. To avoid mistakes, opt for a lighter menu. Fish, seafood, and finger foods are some of the options. On the other hand, avoid heavy dishes, such as pasta and the like. Regarding drinks, how about betting on tropical drinks and flavored waters, which will go very well with the event’s proposal? If you are unsure about the menu, ask for the opinion of the contracted buffet itself, which will offer only suggestions. Certain companies already offer pre-defined options.

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